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Autonomy. Focus on people. Inspiration.


What challenges are you and your team facing?

Is your organization in the middle of a transformation process? We can help you to master changes, to recognize needs early on and anticipate surprises. This strengthens your organization’s readiness for new things and allows you and your team to adapt quickly, dynamically and substantially. Are you ready for the future? Please follow this link.

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Is there a lot of turnover in your team? We equip executives with the skills they need not only to attract talent, but also to retain it and give them the space to contribute their full potential. The key to this is to recognize the people in the team as the key to success. Fancy a new way of working together? Please follow this link.

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Now more than ever, employers need to emphasize what sets them apart from others. A complex task. With us, you can take a fundamental look at which talents are right for your organization, what their needs are, and how you can retain employees. Are you interested in talents and know-how? Please follow this link.

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Do you want to strengthen your customers’ satisfaction? We will work with you to improve your focus on your clients as partners and on the team culture in your organization, because the two go hand in hand. How do leaders really create meaning? How do they promote personal responsibility, motivate and optimize results for customers? Find the answers here.

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Does your team have high expectations of New Work and holistic leadership? We will hone your focus on the necessary competencies that some leaders already intuitively apply: Humanity, freedom, inspiration, trust and a culture that promotes personal responsibility. Want to bring it all to life? Please follow this link.

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Innovation demands freedom and a culture of trust that unleashes energy. We help to shape your own leadership culture in such a way that emotions are given space and unleash their impact on top results. Interested in output? Please follow this link.

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Future Leadership Skills
The competency model for people-focused leadership of the future.

Future Leadership Skills are the essential requirements that executives need to master change in all decision-making, negotiation, conflict and leadership situations in the working world of the future. Learn More.

Future Leadership Training

The world is changing and with it the demands on leadership. What matters is interpersonal competence. This is what we teach in our Future Leadership Training.

How we work

Practical, scientifically founded


We support you through a variety of typical leadership situations in the working world of the future.


Together, we will highlight the difference between traditional and sustainable leadership - explained simply, for example using cartoons.

individual and flexible.

You introduce challenges from everyday management, benefit directly in the practical transfer and achieve long-term learning effects.

with the viewpoint of others.

Based on the example of well-known leadership situations, we jointly adopt the viewpoint of others and open up new perspectives.

well-founded and unique.

Our competence model combines the people-focused approach, systemic methods, and transactional analysis. It combines these with agile and new-work methods to create an innovative leadership concept.

long-term effects.

We work together to improve your decision-making, negotiation, conflict and leadership skills, increase the attractiveness of your organization, the satisfaction of your team and the success of your collaboration. Permanently.

We have made it our mission to invigorate leadership and create a space to discuss things for what they are. That’s why we want to provide our clients with the leadership skills of the future as concretely as possible. We accompany them through a variety of real leadership situations and together we shed light on leadership behavior that makes the difference.

… and always with the needs of people in mind

Our expertise is based on current scientific knowledge. However, in every interaction we consciously think outside the box to engage with the needs of the people and organizations we work with.

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Moritz HögnerCOO Digital Accelerator Mercedes Benz Management Consulting
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»Human nails it. The future of the working world stands and falls with the new way of working together, within organizations and beyond.«
Michael LüdemannDirector of Merchandise, Zalando
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»Everything becomes negotiable. The interpersonal skills are what counts.«