Future Leadership
Development on the Job


Our hands-on, resource-efficient development format helps leaders assess their own leadership and communication behaviors based on our competency model and improve them each week.

We support you in one of your weekly meeting formats (jour fixe, project meeting). Following the meeting, you will receive 15 minutes of direct feedback with practical tips for concrete application in everyday management.

5 weeks

  • Optional: Kick-off coaching for self-evaluation of individual competencies.
  • 5 support sessions of the weekly meeting formats ( JF/project meeting – on-site/online/audio, once a week) with subsequent feedback (15min.)
  • Optional: Final coaching for self-assessment and assessment of progress by others

Feedback between coach and executive is confidential. 

Cartoons for practical illustration of leadership competencies.

Individual deepening in the form of coaching as needed.

  • Learning through direct feedback
  • Highly effective method of integrating new leadership skills directly into everyday life
  • Continuous learning results in a weekly rhythm
  • Minimal additional time investment for managers to daily business
  • Measurable effects after 5 weeks